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Bug#464380: debian-installer: Text 'configuring uswsusp' stays too long on gui setup

reassign 464380 cdebconf-gtk-udeb

On Wednesday 06 February 2008, Tim Richardson wrote:
> I installed without swap and using desktop and laptop tasks. Used
> expertgui.
> Therefore the installer attempted to install uswsusp, but the installer
> gave a warning that without a swap partition, uswsusp would not work.
> I chose to continue. The text message "Configuring Uswsusp" is not
> cleared and remains while the other packages are being configured. Could
> be confusing.
> This was based on the version of the installed on the current weekly
> snapshot of testing CD1.

You mean that text stays in the "title bar" (top line) of the dialog box, 
correct? I have seen the same for other dialogs, but failed to file a bug 
report about it until now.

We had a similar issue in the past, which was fixed in cdebconf 0.111.
I suspect that the partial rewrite of cdebconf-gtk code that happened after 
the Etch release may have accidentally removed that fix.

Jérémy: could you have a look? See commit r43372 for reference.


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