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Bug#463861: Package: installation-reports

On Sunday 03 February 2008, pascal wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> I intended to make an install using both LVM+softRAID (not SATA-RAID).
> The installer proposes LVM on one disk and does not want to re-use
> already existing volumes.

I understand your question somewhat different from Jérémy, so maybe this 
will help.

"LVM on one disk" is true if you use guided partitioning. However, with 
manual partitioning you have the freedom to create almost any configuration 
you want, but you will have to do the different steps in the correct order.

With manual partitioning you can do things like "LVM on crypto on RAID", or, 
if you prefer "crypto on LVM on RAID".

If you have existing logical volumes, the installer can recognize and enable 
those. Again, you need manual partitioning and at least one physical volume 
should have partition type set to 8e (Linux LVM).
If that is true, then the main partman screen should show the option
"Configure the Logical Volume Manager". If you select that, it should detect 
that you have existing logical volumes and offer to activate them.


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