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Re: Beta1 missing decisions and possible timeline

Otavio Salvador wrote:
>    We have 2.6.22 as a safe bed on lenny now and their udebs are there
>    too however since EtchAndHalf intends to release with 2.6.24 and it
>    has been uploaded to sid already I'm considering a better option to
>    us to release with it.
>    linux-2.6 has been built in all architectures and
>    linux-modules-extra-2.6 has been fastly processed (thanks
>    ftpmasters) and then we could manage to get a massbuild done in few
>    days (+- 5 of febuary or even before). I've started to check the
>    new modules and prepare the patches for kernel-wedge for it and
>    hope to get it ready for tomorrow or so.

It's far to early to switch d-i to 2.6.24, especially since it drops
support for most of /proc/acpi, including the parts used by

see shy jo

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