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Re: Dependencies on libnewt0.52 (was: Adding udebs in shlibs files for glibc)

Frans Pop wrote:
> Don't think that is always true in this case.
> Because cdebconf-newt-entropy depends on it and because that is not included 
> in the initrs (and thus installed later), I think that will pull in the 
> full library (just as the full glibc udeb is pulled in during anna).

libc6-udeb is pulled in during anna because the initrds do not have a
udeb by that name installed on them. That would not be the case with a
real newt udeb that was really installed and then overwritten by the
reduced library.

> BTW, could it be that this comment in pkg-lists/exclude is obsolete?
>    # some arches and versions of glibc link against libgcc1,
>    # it will be pulled in via library reduction
>    libgcc1 -
> If I scan all current udebs I find no dependencies on libgcc*.

Have you ldd's the libc on all arches? AFAIK libgcc1 is used on some 64 bit
arches or such.

see shy jo

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