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Bug#464938: d-i on i386 with 16 MiB RAM (using swap)

Tomas Tintera wrote:
> 1. We need
>  ide/ide-core.ko,
>  ide/ide-disk.ko and
>  ide/ide-generic.ko
> modules on 2nd (root) floppy (in initrd) in order to get
> HDDs work. The space for it can be made by bzipping 2nd
> floppy's initrd instead of gzipping it. Also the following
> lines must be added to modules.dep in initrd on the 2nd
> floppy:

This, and adding a swapon option make sense (in the limited situations
where the system can be preconfigured with a swap partition).

> 2. We need to use a bzip2 decompressor on 1st (boot) floppy
> instead of zcat. We can use micro-bunzip
> (http://www.landley.net/code/micro-bunzip.c (version 3.0,
> which is smaller than 4.1)), with the patch in
> the attachment, statically linked with klibc.

You lost me here. How does using bzip2 save memory? The floppy image
is decompressed into a ramdisk.

see shy jo

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