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Re: Automatic processing of d-i byhand uploads

On Monday 28 January 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Saturday 27 October 2007, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > I spoke to Colin at debconf about getting automatic processing of d-i
> > byhand uploads happening -- rather than needing an ftpmaster to unpack
> > the installer-* stuff directly.
> Attached my stab at this. As we've got uploads for both unstable and
> stable (p-u) coming up, this seemed like a good time.

This morning (for me, not him) Anthony has used the script to process the 
etch2 upload:
[11:06:33] <aj> 08:32:42> fjp: pong, d-i byhand accepted, script looked 
okay, haven't automated it yet, pls check everything worked ok

I just checked the mirrors and everything landed where it was supposed to.

Last thing remaining is to activate the automatic triggering of the script 
by an upload, but that is trivial. It looks like very soon we won't have to 
worry about BYHAND processing anymore. \o/


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