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Re: Call for Debian Installer testing, before D-I Beta1 release

Grant Grundler <grundler@parisc-linux.org> writes:

> SMP would have been appropriate though.  Installing SMP kernel is not
> a critical issue. Folks can easily figure out how to install an SMP
> kernel and SMP kernel might not be as stable for some configurations.
> So leaving that to the user is fine with me. I just want to share how
> detection might be implemented.

Right. base-installer was suppose to deal nicely with it for you.

> Runtime test for the hppa installer might be to scrounge in
> /sys/bus/parisc/devices for "hw_type" contains "0x00".

> e.g.:
> j6k:~# fgrep 0x00 /sys/bus/parisc/devices/*/hw_type       
> /sys/bus/parisc/devices/32/hw_type:0x00                                         
> /sys/bus/parisc/devices/34/hw_type:0x00       

I don't have access to get this data however today's base-installer
checks it on /proc/cpuinfo.

> And this is my installation report. I didn't see any other guidance
> on where/how to submit the installation reports.

Please, go in your installed system and use the installation-report
script to send us a full installation report, that way we can get more
information about how things went there.

I've checked base-installer code and it has code to handle hppa smp
machines. Probably 2.6.22 had a problem to enable your second
processor and then this might be fixed once we go to 2.6.24.

Filling a full installation report will allow us to check if this code
has issues or if it wasn't properly detected.

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