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Re: Dependencies on libnewt0.52 (was: Adding udebs in shlibs files for glibc)

On Monday 11 February 2008, Joey Hess wrote:
> Frans Pop wrote:
> > OTOH, just adding the lib in the udeb cannot do any harm I guess,
> > except that it could result in the full library getting loaded during
> > anna, which would be a waste of memory. I'll look at that option
> > though.
> Well, that won't happen for most images, since the udeb would be
> pre-installed by the build process.

Don't think that is always true in this case.
Because cdebconf-newt-entropy depends on it and because that is not included 
in the initrs (and thus installed later), I think that will pull in the 
full library (just as the full glibc udeb is pulled in during anna).

Of course, that would not happen if udpkg can be made to think that it is 
already installed, which would mean removing it from pkg-lists/exclude.

Is it strictly necessary that libslang2-udeb and libnewt0.52 are excluded?
AFAIK mklibs should replace the lib from the udeb by the reduced version, so 
I think it should be safe to not exclude them as long as we ensure no 
needed symbols are reduced out (which we do in the build process).

BTW, could it be that this comment in pkg-lists/exclude is obsolete?
   # some arches and versions of glibc link against libgcc1,
   # it will be pulled in via library reduction
   libgcc1 -

If I scan all current udebs I find no dependencies on libgcc*.

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