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Re: D-I Etch+1/2 CD images (was: D-I Etch+1/2 kernel selection)

On Monday 04 February 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> The required patches for the installer are attached. I have successfully
> tested them using a custom built netinst CD that had both the 2.6.18 and
> 2.6.22-686 kernels on it.

The needed changes to D-I have now all been uploaded.

> - There has as yet been no discussion about exactly which "Etch + Lenny
>   D-I" CD images to create and exactly what should be included on them.

I have just discussed this on #debian-cd with Sledge, and we've come up with 
the following (rather brilliant) proposal.

Most architectures just do not have the type of hardware changes that will 
prevent a user from installing with 2.6.18 and then upgrading to 2.6.24 
after the installation, so for those new installation CDs that use and 
install the new kernels are really not needed.

We therefore propose to _only_ create "etchnhalf" installation CDs for:
- i386
- amd64
- any other architectures for which a porter replies to this mail and can
  demonstrate that some hardware that is not supported with the regular
  Etch update, would be supported with the etchnhalf images

We don't really want to create a huge number of extra image and certainly 
not additional full sets. Not only would that waste mirror space, but too 
many different images will also just confuse users.

Solution we propose is that we only create a netinst image with the 
etchnhalf installer and kernels. However, this netinst image will be 
modified in such a way that it can be used as "CD 0" of the regular updated 
Etch full CD and DVD sets.
This idea makes use of the fact that the D-I Beta1 installer will offer to 
scan additional CDs if the installation CD is part of a set.

Nice extra is that this also means that the "etchnhalf netinst" could even 
be used in combination with Etch CD/DVD sets from previous (point) 

Note that users of _all_ arches will have the option of using Lenny Beta1 
netboot images to install Etch with the "etchnhalf" kernels.

Comments welcome.


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