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Re: Bug#465737: Can't mount XFS partition on "/"

On Thursday 28 February 2008, Nathan Scott wrote:
> No not really, in that in 6-12 months time 99% of kernels that people
> are using will support this feature, and the problem simply wont arise
> anymore.

Basically you are saying here: let's postpone enabling this feature by 
default until Lenny + 1 for Debian. That would indeed also solve any 
possible problems for people migrating from Etch to Lenny who might want to 
switch back to 2.6.18 after creating a new XFS file system.

Also, if backwards compatibility is really your main goal, I think 
postponement until Lenny + 1 really is the *only* correct thing, so if 
upstream were to enable the feature again by default just before the Lenny 
freeze, you should probably hold back an upload of that version until after 
the Lenny release.

OTOH, from the man page I get the impression that the improvement is quite 
significant, so that decision also means denying Lenny users to have the 
improvement by default even though Lenny will ship with something like 
2.6.25. Not sure what I'd do. Maybe discuss it on d-devel or d-release?

In any case, the incompatibility should be documented in the man page.

> Upstream have sent out a patch to revert this change for awhile, so as
> soon as that goes in I'll upload the new version.

That will be too late for our D-I Beta 1 release though, but given the above 
I will just hardcode disabling the option, but will also queue a patch for 
the next release to remove that again.

Please do keep the debian-boot list informed of any developments and changes 
in xfsprogs on this issue.


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