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Bug#464965: debian-installer: System fails to boot after installation (Newworld powerbook)

On Sunday 10 February 2008, Peter De Schrijver wrote:
> The system fails to boot after installation. The generated initramfs
> image is corrupted (CRC error). The initrd size is too small for
> initramfs image.

What exactly do you mean by "initrd size is too small for initramfs image"?

From your description this looks like an initramfs-tools issue rather than a 
D-I issue. Or do you mean the initrd-size boot parameter? I wasn't aware 
that we still use that anywhere.
If that's it, does it boot if you just remove it? If not, what's the current 
size and what should it be?

Finally, please provide some basic info like what type of machine this was 
and exactly what image you used (etch, weekly, daily; installation 
method, ...). This report is fairly useless (and I think I can say that to 
you as you should know better).


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