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Re: D-I Etch+1/2 kernel selection

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:

> Because of changes in the installation procedure since I implemented 
> the "sarge-support" udeb, I first needed to ensure installation of the 
> etch-support udeb is queued in cdrom-detect and iso-scan. With that, we 
> will have the following situation:
> - cdrom-detect: queues etch-support for netinst and full CDs
> - iso-scan: queues etch-support for hd-media
> - choose-mirror: queues etch-support for netboot/floppy-net/businesscard CD

Those patches looks OK for commiting right now from my point of view.

> I then added a hack in base-installer which does the following.
> If the (new) debconf template "base-installer/kernel/altmeta" has a value 
> (e.g. 'etchnhalf'), it will add new potential kernel defaults before the 
> the "normal" kernel defaults, with that value postfixed.
> I.e, if the normal possible defaults are:

I think that prefmeta (preferred metapackage) is more logical for the
template name from my point of view. I'd like to get a comment from
Christian since he always gives good suggestions on this cases :-)

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