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Re: Boot from iSCSI

On Saturday 16 February 2008, debml@flonatel.org wrote:
> I'm interested in getting iSCSI boot to work.  There is one challenge:
> multipath should also work during boot phase.  After some research and
> development, a prototype in my sandbox is working.  Maybe some ideas
> and source code are of general use:

From reading your message it seems to me that the debian-boot list is not 
the correct forum for it. The debian-boot list is not about boot issues, 
but about development of the Debian Installer.

Your message seems mostly to do with possible changes initramfs-tools, so I 
suggest you contact the initramfs-tools maintainer directly, either by 
filing a wishlist bug against the package or, if you prefer to discuss the 
general idea first, by sending an email to initramfs-tools@packages.d.o.


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