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Bug#463765: debian-installer: Installer offers to install "grub" bootloader on PowerPC. Why?

reassign 463765 grub-installer 1.26
severity 463765 serious

On Sunday 03 February 2008, Rick Thomas wrote:
> It was a nominal installation until it came time to write a boot loader. 
> It presented me with a top-level installer menu, with "Install GRUB boot
> loader" hilighted.

On Sunday 03 February 2008, Rick Thomas wrote:
> It may have *meant* GRUB2, but what it *said* was GRUB.  In any case,
> it doesn't work, and presents an impediment to an otherwise nominal
> installation process.

Robert: I guess this must be because of your changes in version 1.26?
It's possibly OK to offer grub2 as an option for powerpc, but I doubt it 
should be the default choice at this point.

Also, if only some subarchitectures are supported, grub-installer should at 
least check for those (but I'm not sure that you can check for just 

This is obviously a release blocker.


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