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Bug#467324: include gnash in desktop?

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 01:40:07AM +0200, Eddy Petrișor wrote:
> >
> >Please can you be more specific?
> >
> >  - versions you have tried
> All official versions (there has been a regression at some point, but 
> unfortunately I can't say when it happened).
> I have tried the version from unstable, but even on youtube I get one 
> second of "loading" then a grey area where the payer would be. Maybe 
> there are some persistent settings in $HOME?
> Also, on an Etch powerpc system with gnash backported, it was working 
> somewhere around 0.8.0, but lately it just continuously load.

I can't reproduce this, but anyway I suggest you file bug reports (provided
it applies to the latest version -backported or not-), and possibly cleanup
your $HOME ;-)

> >  - unsupported websites you are missing
> www.220.ro
> www.triluliu.ro

I suggest you file reports as well (note: I don't consider this a drawback in
comparison with installing flash-less and therefore not supporting any).

> >  - possible drawbacks that would make "flash-less" setup preferrable
> Browser crashes, hangs,

I haven't had any of these for a long time, although I have to admit I use
it in combination with adblock.  If gnash is going to be default, though, I'll
have to change this practice.

Gnash maintainers: Do you think gnash overall stability is currently in a good
state for lenny?  If not, how viable is it to make it rock-solid by that time?

> bad first impression of the F/OSS software?

This is no excuse for not contemplating stability, but in my experience with
first-time users, they get the worst impression from youtube not working (and
the response from the browser being utterly confusing) than with browser
crashes.  They're used to browser crashes after all, and they get the same
thing when they manage to add Adobe's crap anyway.


Robert Millan

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