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Bug#463855: Testing ISO (DVD and Netinst)

Package: Netinst ISO
Version: daily builds of 02/03/08 and build #1 of 03/03/08

The last Netinst ISOs, at least in my system, are unable
to install Grub (on the contrary, the ISO of stable
work fine). The same trouble with the DVD 1 of Testing.

Morevoer, they have a strange dependencies system.
"Apt-get install kde" installs automatically
the package for Afrikaan version. Tesseract-OCR
installs automatically the not requested package
for German. Muttprint installs automatically a lot
of linguistic packages of Texlive (for example, Hungarian
and Thailandese). SO I had to remove them manually.


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public key at http://keyserver.linux.it

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