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Re: Adding the cdebconf web frontend to alioth SVN repo

Frans Pop wrote:
On Sunday 24 February 2008, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
The stuff i'd like to upload consists in the web frontend itself, which
i plan to add to cdebconf/src/modules/frontends/web, and some cgi files
which could be added for now to cdebconf/test/web and later moved to a
dedicate udeb.
Can i proceed ?

I don't think there's any real problem with committing the work as long as it is not included in any builds by default.

Of course: i just want to make the code available to anyone so that others can start working on it.

Please add a README explaining the status of the frontend and a TODO with open issues. For the installer the main issue to be solved IIRC is authentication: how to prevent that just anybody can connect to the installer without any kind of authentication.

Luckily, such issue can be addressed outside the frontend itself, in the CGI scripts that sends to client the HTML page and forwards back the HTTP GET/POST requests to the frontend via unix pipes.

I hope i'll be able to do the commit this weekend.



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