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Re: Call for Debian Installer testing, before D-I Beta1 release

On Monday 18 February 2008, Grant Grundler wrote:
> Runtime test for the hppa installer might be to scrounge in
> /sys/bus/parisc/devices for "hw_type" contains "0x00".
> e.g.:
> j6k:~# fgrep 0x00 /sys/bus/parisc/devices/*/hw_type
> /sys/bus/parisc/devices/32/hw_type:0x00
> /sys/bus/parisc/devices/34/hw_type:0x00

Yes, that seems like it could be a reliable test. At least it works on my 
PARISC box too. I'll implement something in base-installer.

> BTW, the "News" section of that web page needs love. :)
> [21 Jul 2007] Support for sparc32 dropped
> [20 Jul 2007] Experimental support for Serial ATA RAID
> isn't exactly news anymore ;)

No, but it's still the most recent news we have (until Beta1 gets released), 
so I don't see anything wrong with it either...


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