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Debian Installer Lenny Beta1: Status Update 1

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This mail tries to inform interest people where we are and what's
missing. As you can bet, it's a long mail.

Please respect the reply-to header and please follow up to debian-boot
mailing list.

Bellow is the timeline we're following.

|       Date       |                 What happens                  |
|February 5, 2007  |translation update request is send             |
|February 15, 2007 |mass upload of translation updates             | <=
|February 18, 2007 |mass migration of udebs                        |
|February 19, 2007 |debian-installer is uploaded                   |
|February 21, 2007 |daily images are changed to use lenny installer|
|February 23, 2007 |test of images starts                          |
|March 1, 2007     |final image builds                             |
|March 3, 2007     |planned release date                           |

Translations are synced on svn repository, from master files, at 22:47
UTC and all porters and main maintainers of packages should check
their packages and see if they have pending l10n updates after the
sync commit.

There're 51 packages (right now) that falls into this category. You
can check the full list using the script available in our svn
repository at "scripts/l10n/list-unreleased-l10n-only".

All team help on this is important since it's a huge list of packages.

Today I've also uploaded tasksel reverting the xorg related change
otherwise we wouldn't be able to use the lastest tasksel version of
tasks for Beta1. This should go to testing in a cuple of days.

Another thing that we all need to get done is the release announce
text. A draft has been written and team people is welcome to send
improvements for it. Several XXX items remain open to be fixed there
and I'm sure people can help to get it done.

Bellow goes the current general status update.

New stuff

 * All architectures have moved to 2.6.22;
Solved issues

 * Progress bar will not restart from zero several times during the
   phase where the base system is installed.

General issues

 * Time out on NTP server connection is too long (#448871])

 * option to use "relatime" does not work because busybox' "mount"
   command does not support it (#460824])

Kernel status

 * linux-modules-di-m68k-2.6 isn't uploaded due the lack of loop-aes
   and squashfs since linux-headers lack modules.lds files (#402061).

Blockers for Beta1 release

 * loop-aes is missing in testing (debs, not udebs)

Blockers for final release

 * linux-libc-dev has type declaration conflict (#434040, #435700)
   (ignored for beta1 since a workaround is used)

 * m68k has floppy flavors disabled due a full-disk. (ignored since
   m68k isn't a release-set arch)

 * installer doesn't start on mips and mipsel if using mklibs
   (#445507) (ignored for beta1 since a workaround is used)

 * dependencies of excluded packages on the cd, making netinst huge
   (#410418) (worked around in debian-cd by no longer including
   alternative dependencies by default)

I hope it gives a better overview of all things happening behind the
scenes and what you can do to help us to get the release out.

Otavio Salvador
Debian Installer Release Manager
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