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Re: D-I Etch+1/2 kernel selection -- arm issue

On Monday 04 February 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> There is one issue, which I will detail in a follow-up mail to
> debian-boot only. The short summary is that for arm the etchnhalf kernel
> meta packages are currently not considered "installable", so as things
> stand now the above would not work for arm.

The problem is also valid for armeb, armel and m68k, but those arches are not
really relevant for Etch+1/2.

Right, so this is what happens. Current kernel selection scripts use one of
these formats to test whether a kernel is usable (note quoting):
1) expr "$1" : '.*-<flavor>.*' (or with double quoting if <flavor> is a var)
2) expr "$1" : '.*-<flavor>'
3) expr "$1" : '.*-<flavor>$' OR expr "$1" : ".*-<flavor>\$"

Tests for a lot of arches look like 1), some like 2). But effectively those 
are identical, which is confusing. The "problem" arches use 3).

With tests 1) and 2), basically _any_ postfix after the flavor is allowed,
which could possibly be considered a bug but I do now make use of that fact
in the etchnhalf patches.

To fix this issue for arm, we could consider the following patch:
Index: arm.sh
--- arm.sh      (revision 51164)
+++ arm.sh      (working copy)
@@ -18,9 +18,11 @@
        # Netwinder subarch uses footbridge kernel flavor
        if [ "$2" = "netwinder" ]; then
                if expr "$1" : ".*-footbridge\$" >/dev/null; then return 0; fi
+               if expr "$1" : ".*-footbridge-.*\$" >/dev/null; then return 0; fi
        # Subarchitecture must match exactly
        if expr "$1" : ".*-$2\$" >/dev/null; then return 0; fi
+       if expr "$1" : ".*-$2-.*\$" >/dev/null; then return 0; fi
        return 1

Comments from arm porters welcome.

Is there any reason to tighten the test for other arches in line with that?


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