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Bug#464529: Acknowledgement (Package: installation-reports)

for the first install in IMAC G5 MAC OS 10.4 I wrote install64.
the first install it is very good until install yaboot; a message had been screening "failed to install boot loader"; I have go on finishing install, and was going to re-start to MacOS X 10.4.

I would want install other time debian linux, because I have not save the error dins a file, and I can sent it; the first install it is for testing installer and seeing how function.when I start with CD with boot prompt; I use install64 and rescue64 for a IMAC G5; it is good command for having the menu of installing.
in this menu it is possible use shell.
cd a directory, and rm * for deleting all files in the directory.
whatt shell ? in the installer environment or in /dev/scsi/host3/bus0/ target0/lun0/part4 ?

I have a Zip Iomega 250 mega disket; how to save, because I tested, and it was not possible.

I live in Toulouse; and I do not practise english; I am far of UK.
excuse, and thanks,

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