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Bug#466066: installation-reports: GRUB installation failed

On Saturday 16 February 2008, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> I attached the debug files that I got using the embedded webserver.

You'll have seen my other mail with my analysis of the cause for the grub 
installation failure.

I did however see one other thing in your syslog that surprised me:

Feb 16 07:06:37 main-menu[1032]: INFO: Menu item 'apt-setup-udeb' selected 
Feb 16 07:06:48 apt-setup: 
warning: /usr/lib/apt-setup/generators/90services-select returned error 
code 30; discarding output

90services-select is the script that allows to select lines for security 
and/or volatile updates to be added to the sources list. I don't really see 
how that could produce an exit code 30 and I also cannot reproduce that.

Did you do anything special at that stage?

If not, could you please run a new installation and, before apt-setup is 
started, add a line 'set -x' (below the line 'set -e') in the file
Then execute the apt-setup step  as normal and send the resulting syslog.
It would be good if you could check that the "error code 30" was indeed 
reproduced before sending the syslog.


P.S. Please gzip syslog and partman-log to reduce their size and thereby the 
risk that your mail does not reach us.

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