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Bug#464799: debian-installer: can't use Canadian Keyboard (it use legacy canadian)

Quoting Bruno (brunoxlambert@gmail.com):

> That is the official keyboard in Canada (The only official one...):
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout#Canadian_Multilingual_Standard
> some links about it:
> http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/its-nit/standards/tbits05/crit05_e.asp
> http://www.olf.gouv.qc.ca/ressources/ti/clavier.html
> That's the keyboard norm:
> http://www.olf.gouv.qc.ca/ressources/ti/ISO_CEI8859-1.pdf
> The other one "French Canadian" is the Legacy one. Right now there is
> no way any government institution in Québec will use Debian because
> you can't select the right keyboard. It's also the keyboard Apple
> ships with their Macbook (inc. Pro and Air)

Well, using that layout needs it to exist in console-data. So, to make
it short (en résumé..:-)), we need someone to provide it.

I can probably do something in console-data by diverting the
French-Canadian keymap we have there.

Please also note that keymaps provided under X are *different* from
those used at the console. Therefore, xkb-data also needs to have a
Canadian Multilingual keymap and X postinst scripts must use it by
default when people choose Canada as country (/me crosses fingers for
no political issues there).

Note d'humour: you guys should use the very nice French kaymap qui
fait la joie des non-francophones.....

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