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Re: Beta1 missing decisions and possible timeline

Hello Ted,

On Wed, 30 Jan 2008 08:00:20 -0500, Ted Tso wrote:
> If the grub maintainers can't figure out a way to break up the
> monolithic patch quickly, or to get it incorporated into Debian, or
> get it upstreamed ASAP, one of the things that I could do is change
> mke2fs.conf in the udeb file, so that it doesn't impact the Debian
> installer.  Or better yet, the Anaconda could be hacked so that "-I

Please do not insult D-I by calling it Anaconda ;-)

> 128" is passed to mke2fs just for the root filesystem, and not for
> others.

You've probably seen that a new grub has been uploaded, which should solve 
this issue for unstable and etch.

However, there are also plans to use the Lenny Beta release of the installer 
for "Etch+1/2" installations: installs of Etch, but with a newer kernel 
(either 2.6.22 or 2.6.24).
As I don't expect the etch version of grub will be changed to support 256 
byte inodes, we need to solve this in the installer.

I already have a patch for this (and tested that it works), but would 
appreciate your confirmation on the solution. Note that this fix will not 
affect installs of lenny or sid.

Is it correct that _only_ grub and thus only i386 and amd64 are affected?
Or phrased differently, is it enough to only change the default back to 128 
for i386 and amd64, or should we also do that for other arches (even if 
just to be on the safe side)?

The "fix" I have is ATM to execute the following command (in the D-I 
environment) before the start of partitioning:
   sed -ir "s/(inode_size =) 256/\1 128/" /etc/mke2fs.conf

This works with the current conf file, but if needed I could make that a bit 
more generic, for example:
   sed -ir "s/(inode_size =) .*/\1 128/g" /etc/mke2fs.conf

What do you think?

In general, could you please keep the debian-boot list (or maybe even just 
d-d-a) informed if any other changes are planned that could affect people?


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