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D-I translation framework changes: sublevels

Please note that some changes are already visible in the Debian
Installer translation framework.

After a long preparation work with the invaluable help of Frans Pop, I
introduced yesterday the concept of "sublevels".

This is simple to summarize in a few words: the big 1699-strings D-I
"master" file (in packages/po) has been splitted out to FIVE sublevel

These files, one per language, are located (in SVN) in
packages/po/sublevelX, where X is the sublevel number.

Sublevels represent the "priority order". The smaller the sublevel
number, the higher the priority of strings.

Some work remains to be done:
- make the statistics framework functional
- make the translators notification system functional
- document changes
- debug everything that's been broken

However, translators can already start working on the new files in
packages/po/sublevel[1-5]. In case you had pending changes to the
former master files, you need to merge them in the new files. Please
ping me if you don't know how to do this.


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