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Bug#467167: Package: installation-reports

forcemerge 467254 467167
reassign 467254 ssl-cert
forcemerge 465860 467254

> Comments/Problems:
> First installation with installgui install tasks="kde-desktop, standard"
> Second installation with expertgui kde-desktop
> The installer fetches all the packages from the server and start the
> configuration.
> At both installations the installer freeze at the configuration of the
> package ssl-cert.
> I cant finish the installation.
> my friend tried the same installation and reports me the same problem
> on an other machine
> messages on console 4:
> in-target: richte ssl-cert ein (1.0.15)
> debconf: Obsolete command TITLE configure ssl-cert called
> groupadd [19432]: new group: name=ssl-cert, GID=103

We had another such report, hence merging the bugs. 

This definitely seems to be #465860 that has been fixed in ssl-cert


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