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Bug#465320: CD doesn't boot (Isolinux errors) on 486 with Adaptec SCSI

I've now managed to get a CD to boot on my computer.

This CD is based on debian-testing-i386-kde-CD-1.iso dated 2008-01-28
bu with the isolinux replaced by a different one. The isolinux is one I
made by starting with the latest upstream version (syslinux-3.61)
and then making a change to cope with the faulty BIOS on my computer.
I've attached a diff of the change I made.

p.s. I've been posting to the syslinux mailing list whilst I tried to discover
what was going wrong. http://syslinux.zytor.com/archives/2008-February/

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< 		; No such luck.  See if the the spec packet contained one.
> 		; No such luck.  See if the spec packet contained one.
< 		mov byte [si],13		; Size of buffer
> 		mov byte [si],13h		; Size of buffer
< 		mov [DriveNumber],dl
> .found_drive0:	mov [DriveNumber],dl
< 		cmp byte [DriveNumber],dl
> 		mov al,[DriveNumber]
> 		cmp al,dl
> 		; Intel Classic R+ computer with Adaptec 1542CP BIOS 1.02
> 		; passes garbage in sp_drive, and the drive number originally
> 		; passed in DL does not have 80h bit set.
> 		or al,80h
> 		cmp al,dl
> 		je .found_drive0

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