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Bug#466991: Package: installation-reports

reassign 466991 debian-cd

On Friday 22 February 2008, Chris Dent wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> The problem is that with Sony Sonic CD burner a 4.7Gb disk can only hold
> 4.1Gb of data, too little to contain DVD-1 (4.4Gb).  Maybe reduce the
> contents a little to allow for similar fault tolerance?  Shall try the CD
> version now...

I'm not sure if we've had reports of similar issues before. I cannot 
remember any.

The problem probably is that DVD is a fairly well defined standard, so if 
your hardware does not follow that standard, my first reaction would be to 
say: sorry but we cannot allow for hardware that is not standards 
Especially as that would mean we will be using 4 DVDs a lot sooner than we 
have to (you're basically asking us to reduce the size by half a CD...). 

However, if you can show that the 4.1GB limit _is_ part of some standard 
(and I don't mean the documentation of your DVD writer), maybe the 
debian-cd team will consider lowering the size.


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