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Bug#467415: debian-installer: new way of displaying information

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 1:33 PM, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
>  I have no idea whether your suggestions will ever be implemented or not.
>  I very much doubt it will happen any time soon.
>  Well, ATM translators _are_ warned about this. For this string there is an
>  instruction that translations should not be longer than 65 characters.
>  For the short term, you should really contact the translators for your
>  language (is this pt or pt_BR?) and get them to rewrite any strings that
>  are too long.

I am part of the translation team for my language (pt), and i noticed
this issue while proof-reading the portuguese 'version' of the
installer. It was only after writing the BR that i actually found
where the strings are and noticed the warning about it's width.

Although we were able to shorten it down, i still think this matter
should be taken in consideration because limiting the width of the
translation may give rise to inferior, or even incorrect,

Thank you for any and all attention put on this matter,
Ricardo Silva

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