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Bug#467415: debian-installer: new way of displaying information

reassign 467415 cdebconf-newt-udeb

On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 09:04:22AM +0000, ardoRic wrote:
> As can be seen on [1], it can happen that translated strings do not fit
> into installer window. Currently there is no way that i could figure out
> to show the entire string.
> […]
> I'd like to suggest that thought is put into this issue trying to find a
> universal solution for this problem.
> […]
> I think this request only applies to the newt interface (even though i
> havent, yet, tested how it shows on the gtk one).
> […] 
> [1] http://www.debianpt.org/~ardoric/opcoes-reiserfs.png

Reassigning this bug to cdebconf-newt-udeb, as other cdebconf frontends
should more or less cope with long strings in select/multiselect

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