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Bug#466600: Does not detect/mount cpqarray RAIDed volume

reassign 466600 linux-2.6

On Tuesday 19 February 2008, michael wrote:
> Lenny installer does not mount the logical volume as presented by
> HP/Compaq hardware RAID controller.  It gives the following error message
> cpqarray: Finding drives on ida0
> cpqarray: ida0: idaSendPciCmd Timeout out, No command list address
> returned!
> cpqarray: error sending ID Controller

Basically this means that the kernel, or at least the cpqarray driver, does 
not correctly support your controller. There is nothing really we can do 
about that in the installer.

I'm reassigning your report to the kernel team, but if you do not get a 
response from them an alternative way to get help for this may be to 
contact the linux-scsi kernel mailing list directly (at linux-scsi @ 
Please make sure that you include the output of the commands 'lspci -nn' 
and 'dmesg' in your message. You can get those by switching to the debug 
shell on VT2 in the installer.
If anythings comes out of that, please let us know the result.

> It seems a similar issue happened with another installer some time ago.
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=380272

In that case the wrong driver was "claiming" support for the controller. 
Your issue could be similar, but could also be completely different.


P.S. Feel free to ignore the reply from Geert Stappers. His reply was 
assuming that your error occurred when rebooting into the installed system, 
while I understand from your report that the failure is during hardware 
detection in the installer itself.

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