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Bug#463483: Install fails on dmraid device but installer claims success!

On Thursday 31 January 2008, Chris Carr wrote:
> I've used recent (late Dec/early Jan) daily builds of Lenny installer
> images on my dmraid system (Silicon Image 3112A "SATA RAID" controller),
> using "install dmraid=true". The installation works, including
> partitioning, but installing grub doesn't. The grub installer correctly
> identifies the root partition, and then claims to have successfully
> installed grub on the dmraid device, but on rebooting the previous boot
> loader is still intact, and there is no sign of grub.

Please run a dmraid installation and, _before_ you get to grub installation 
(e.g. during partitioning), uncomment the line 'set -x' in the file

Then complete the installation and provide the following files:
- hardware-summary
- syslog
- grub-dmraid.log

All these files can be found in /var/log while the installer is running and 
in /var/log/installer/ after rebooting into the installed system. The file 
hardware-summary is created during the last step of the installation, but 
can also be generated using the option "Save debug logs" in the main menu 
of the installer.

Please send the files gzipped!


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