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Re: Dependencies on libnewt0.52 (was: Adding udebs in shlibs files for glibc)

On Monday 11 February 2008, Jérémy Bobbio wrote:
> Would it be possible to put libnewt.so* in the libnewt-udeb package and
> make the library reduction step use it instead of the system library?
> I would find such behaviour easier to understand; and we could tailor a
> special version of newt closer to our needs if that is needed in the
> future.

No, that is not possible, just as it is not possible for libc and other 
libraries that get reduced. Or at least, it's not possible to do reduction 
_solely_ on the basis of a udeb (you need the pic files).

OTOH, just adding the lib in the udeb cannot do any harm I guess, except 
that it could result in the full library getting loaded during anna, which 
would be a waste of memory. I'll look at that option though.


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