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Bug#465263: debian installer AMD64 fails to find ISO image on ext2 partition on partitioned USB stick

Package: <debian-installer>

When booting the daily build on the AMD64 hd-media installer dated 11/02/2008 from a USB stick the installer fails to find the netinst.iso image.

The USB stick has 2 ext2 partitions, the first primary partition has the kernel, initrd, and Grub files on it.
The netinst.iso is on the second primary partition.

Neither of these partitions can be mounted from the first command VT [ALT-CTRL-F2]

Attempting to do so fails with:
#  mount /dev/sdg2 /mnt
mount: Mounting /dev/sdg2 /mnt failed: Invalid argument

# mount -t ext2 /dev/sdg2 /mnt
mount: Mounting /dev/sdg2 on /mnt failed: No such device

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