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Bug#442236: updated patch

On Tuesday 26 February 2008, Guido Günther wrote:
> attached is an updated patch against current partman-base. I attach an
> updated version for review since it contains a template which might be
> interesting for translators

There are two (minor) issues in:
+	if [  "$type" != multipath ] -a ! is_multipath_part $device; then
It should be:
+	if [ "$type" != multipath ] && ! is_multipath_part $device; then

These two lines have inconsistent indentation:
+	               grep '_ \([0-9]\+:\)\{3\}[0-9]\+ sd[a-z]\+ [0-9]\+:[0-9]\+' | \
+		       cut -f4 -d' '); do
Please use tabs as much as possible.

Please use tabs for indentation in the dm_table function.

For both dm_table and is_multipath_part functions, please move the opening
brace to the same line as the function name.


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