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"unsubscribe" (forw) #240677 shadow: FTBFS: cannot compile sub.c (forw) [l10n] [d-i] Debian Installer switches to SVN (Incomplete) installation report ..access beyond end of device.. 2.6 Development Step 1 Potvrzení přijetí životopisu RE:[2] solution [Accuse de Reception] fr.usenet.reponses [console-common] wrong+unexported TEXTDOMAIN in install-keymap [d-i] Please change yaboot-installer priority to standard [ How to create a custom Debian unstable boot CD?] Re: [i18n] aboot-installer now uses changelog-changes script [i18n] New translation of D-I manual (Dutch) [i18n] String Changes in iso-codes [IMPORTANT] Moving to Subversion [IMPORTANT] Moving to Subversion, take 2 Re: [IMPORTANT] we have _MOVED_ to Subversion [INTL:ro]common files and questions(spelling, wording, mistakes) [INTL:ro]common packages (a part) [INTL:ro]comon and specific(parts) & deadline [INTL:ro]partman [INTL:ro]partman-auto [INTL:ro]partman-basicfilesystems [INTL:ro]updates & sugestions [INTL:ro]updates, misspellings, reviews [l10n: ru] Big update & Alioth [l10n:ro]di first stage and some of tasksel [l10n:ro]unfuzzied and second stage [l10n] 2nd stage packages [l10n] [d-i] Aptitude l10n bug reports [l10n] [d-i] Do not update changelogs anymore in Debian Installer packages [l10n] [d-i] Modified and new strings in Debian Installer [l10n] [d-i] String changes [l10n] [d-i] Strings modified in d-i/New status page Re: [l10n] aboot-installer now uses changelog-changes script [l10n] Confused about seppy's 2nd stage translations status [l10n] Debian Installer translation status [l10n] Debian Installer translations status [l10n] Do not update partman* changelogs anymore [l10n] Dutch translation for silo-installer Re: [l10n] Dutch translation for silo-installer: PLEASE IGNORE [l10n] in 2nd stage, d-i can't display chinese and korean characters [l10n] List of packages for which debian/changelog is updated automatically [l10n] Netcfg has one fuzzy string [l10n] Netcfg now uses l10n-changes scripts [l10n] pcmcia-cs package needs debconf translations [l10n] Possible new language to d-i : Indonesian [l10n] Re: beta3 released Re: [l10n] Recently modified templates in Debian Installer packages [l10n] reminder: changelogs [l10n] Status pages for 2nd-stage installer-packages [l10n] Status-Page movings [l10n] The APT translation "mess", current situation Re: [l10n] Translation needed for console-data [l10n] Update l10n-changes [l10n] Updated iso-codes 3166 and 639 lists [l10n] Welsh translation for debian-installer [l10n] What to do when package is just released? [l10n]core - Romanian translation RE:[l10n]did this mail got to you ? (was offline translators - us eful script) [l10n]pot problems [l10n]second stage files Re: [l10n]tasksel debian-tasks.pot was outdated [LOGO] Debian boot logo informal poll [LOGO] Re: goals for next release [PATCH] Improved support for building pdf/ps/txt versions of d-i manual (was: Creating pdf for Installation manual) Re: [PATCH] Moving to Subversion [Release Notes] Why using a CVS branch? Re: [ [l10n] Status pages for 2nd-stage installer-packages] aboot-installer_0.0.5_alpha.changes ACCEPTED About other OS boot About that Alpha kernel bug mentioned in beta3 errata Adaptec RAID 2120s and Debian Woody install after a long afternoon of cursing at the installer... Alioth transition : where to checkout Re: Alioth transition : where to checkout anna_0.051_i386.changes ACCEPTED anna_0.052_i386.changes ACCEPTED anna_0.053_i386.changes ACCEPTED anna_0.054_s390.changes ACCEPTED anna_0.055_i386.changes ACCEPTED apt not taking Sarge netinst cdrom, no mount points for floppy/cdrom arabic translator arcboot-installer_0.007_mips.changes ACCEPTED arcboot-installer_0.008_mips.changes ACCEPTED Arch-dependent extra packages for debian-cd Re: Automated installer / kickstart instructions? automated response autopartkit override disparity autopartkit_0.79_i386.changes ACCEPTED autopartkit_0.80_i386.changes ACCEPTED autopartkit_0.81_i386.changes ACCEPTED autopartkit_0.82_i386.changes ACCEPTED autopartkit_0.83_i386.changes ACCEPTED autopartkit_0.84_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: available for french translation Base system installation error Base system installation size base-config_2.14_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.15_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.17_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer hangs when it cannot find an arch_kernel base-installer_0.056_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.057_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.058_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.059_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.060_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.061_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.062_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.063_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.064_i386.changes ACCEPTED baseconfig-udeb override disparity baseconfig-udeb_0.027_i386.changes ACCEPTED baseconfig-udeb_0.028_i386.changes ACCEPTED baseconfig-udeb_0.028_i386.changes REJECTED baseconfig-udeb_0.029_i386.changes ACCEPTED baseconfig-udeb_0.030_i386.changes ACCEPTED baseconfig-udeb_0.031_i386.changes ACCEPTED Basque translation being added to the alioth project belove Beta 3 Alpha install beta 3 update Beta 3 usability review beta3 boot logo broken? beta3 released Re: beta3 released & beta3 success report beta3 update BETA3: some notes Betr.: important better bootloader drive selection bf-ut-sources and debian-installer BIDI support in D-i (was: Re: Arabic Farsi support for d-i) BIDI support in Debian Installer : help needed bogl_write_font failed Boot CD Woody boot image boot process sluggish boot stopped - attempt to access beyond end of device - sarge 20040306 Re: Borken link broken greek translation causes infinite loop broken provides in libc-udeb bterm-unifont_0.005_i386.changes ACCEPTED bterm-unifont_0.006_i386.changes ACCEPTED bterm-unifont_0.007_i386.changes ACCEPTED bterm-unifont_0.008_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug #218560: correct severity? Bug - install Sarge Beta3 - Testing Bug in output-l10n-changes (was Re: cvs commit to debian-installer/partman/partman/debian by joeyh) Bug#126294: Fix in remove_module? Bug#127529: Patch for probable NMU Bug#152152: (no subject) Bug#152152: 152012 Meds Worldwide broke Bug#152152: clamorous . Bug#172519: marked as done (Feature Request: Install from USB Key) Bug#173734: Please update in Module-HOWTO Bug#174360: marked as done (host name-related setup options are confusingly restrictive) Bug#174360: some comments on your solutions Re: Bug#174410: questionable interpretation of "install" pseudo-package Bug#178944: discover: Fix still needed for sarge. Bug#179048: marked as done (discover: new upstream version 2.0.1 available) Bug#183107: marked as done (cdebconf: text frontend should support backup) Bug#187110: marked as done (discover-data-udeb: Please rewrite how the short list is constructed) Bug#195704: marked as done (cdebconf - text frontend progress bar is unusable on TERM=dumb) Bug#198265: marked as done (installation-report: module loading broken) Bug#198265: Please close this bug Re: Bug#198759: Returned Mail Bug#201711: marked as done (debian-installer: No modules after install) Bug#203254: marked as done (installation: Installer segfaults while downloading base system) Bug#204409: marked as done (fails to detect BCM5704 onboard dual gigabit broadcom adapter) Bug#207712: marked as done (installation failure on powerbook g4 (15") -- init not run?) Bug#210612: marked as done (Install Report - hangs on Asus A7V333) Bug#211587: marked as done (kbd-chooser crashes) Bug#211631: marked as done (install: Can't use the <GoBack> choice) Bug#212449: marked as done (weird display problem; old progress display flases back on screen when something else is started) Bug#212451: marked as done (cdrom-retriever does noting if net-retriever was chosen previously) Bug#212455: marked as done (doesn't autodetect e1000 card (sometimes)) Bug#212486: marked as done (base-install: Wrong package source passed to debootstrap) Bug#213165: marked as done (cdebconf-udeb: Give no warning if templates are missing) Bug#214142: marked as done (debian-installer: lack of network card causes problems) Bug#214441: marked as done (debian-installer: should suggest a sane default kernel) Bug#214680: marked as done (Package: Installer; Version: netinstall image downloaded Oct/4/2003) Bug#214682: marked as done (Package: Installer debootstrap) Bug#214790: discover: depends on serial console compiled into ppc-kernel Bug#215179: marked as done (need fancy-pretty boot screens on the boot media) Bug#215324: marked as done (installer guesses grub root wrong, base system boot fails) Bug#215620: marked as done (reject slashes in hostname) Bug#215639: marked as done (No CD eject button) Bug#215724: marked as done (No CD eject button) Bug#217270: marked as done (debian-installer fails on P4P800-VM Asus (serial ATA)) Bug#217270: the latest build March 3, works Bug#217695: marked as done (cannot see partitions >9 (only part1-part9)) Bug#218567: marked as done (silo-installer: Debconf templates polishing) Bug#218735: marked as done (lilo-installer: It would be nice to have some comments in the lilo.conf file) Bug#218741: marked as done (Improve lilo-installer prompting, please don't use devfs) Bug#218884: marked as done (s390-dasd: Debconf templates polishing + jargon removal) Bug#219290: marked as done ([d-i] No USB keyboard after reboot) Bug#219375: marked as done (installation-reports - Hard drive not detected) Bug#219444: marked as done (PCMCIA-modules - debian-installer bug (sarge)) Bug#219680: marked as done (Failure message displayed after (successful) manual configuration.) Bug#220121: marked as done (prebaseconfig: ejects wrong cd tray) Bug#220130: marked as done (grub-installer: should be smarter when there is no floppy) Bug#220189: marked as done (hw-detect: messages are confusing) Bug#220198: acknowledged by developer (fixed) Bug#220198: marked as done (installation: proper sata support needed) Bug#220202: marked as done (Cannot load 2nd floppy using a USB storage device) Bug#220230: marked as done (does not find hp bladecenter usb bridge) Bug#220264: marked as done (netcfg-dhcp: bad error description: "An error occured") Bug#220266: marked as done (hw-detect: should behave better if no floppy is present) Bug#220460: marked as done (Installation fails during component download) Bug#220475: marked as done (base-installer: hangs on downloading Packages.gz) Bug#220514: marked as done (Installation Report - Succesful) Bug#220531: marked as done (installation report; broken symlinks, bad default keymap for en_AU) Bug#220543: marked as done (s390-netdevice: Debconf templates polishing) Bug#220616: discover: actually, the problem is Discover doesn't know anything about ALSA The last update was on 06:11 GMT Sun Jun 17. 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