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Re: [INTL:ro]partman

Quoting Petrisor Eddy (eddy.petrisor@siemens.com):

> I will work on the core and common packages.
> Let me get this straight, only the original strings will be freezed, 
> or are the translations affected too, so I don't have that much 
> time left until the 15th of this month?

The string freezes are meant to freeze english strigns so that
translators may work quietly against a non moving target.

So, don't worry : you'll never be forced to freeze your translations.

About the March 15th deadline, let's keep it in mind....the more you
can do until then, the better it is....but that's all.

> I am really sorry about this, but as I said before I can't commit them
> myself for the moment. I hope that in the near future I will have a
> internet connection at home (I am also responsible for the proxy 
> Server) and I will be able, if the ISP doesn't argue against it, to 
> make it possible for me to access the cvs server.

Don't worry, I'll make the commits.

You may either send the files one by one...or put them in a tar
file. If you use a tar file, the best for me is you to respect the
debian-installer tree (for instance partman/partman/debian/po/ro.po)
so that I only have to untar the file on my tree and run "cvs add" on
the new ro.po files.

Send the files to the list so that others may commit if I happen to be
occupied elsewhere (yes, this also happens...:-).

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