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Re: Base system installation error

On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 19:02, Joey Hess wrote:
> Johannes Behr wrote:
> > OK, works better --- but still not through.
> > 
> > boot, network/DHCP setup, loading of installer components from
> > a mirror works.
> > 
> > The hardware-detection process does not hang. Good.
> For netboot installs, you currently must tell it to install unstable.

Unstable? I try to install a 'testing/sarge' system. How to I get
back to testing from unstable?

How can I tell the install what kind of system I would like to use.
The netboot installer did not prompt.

> Otherwise it does not find kernel modules for things like hard drives.

ok, what can I do. 

Is there _any_ method to get a sarge system back on my notebook.


Johannes Behr <Johannes.Behr@zgdv.de>
Computer Graphics Center

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