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Re: [IMPORTANT] Moving to Subversion

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On Sunday 21 March 2004 05:38, Joshua Kwan wrote:
> First of all, is anybody strongly opposed to this? Second, if not, when
> would be the best day for everyone for this to be done? It obviously
> puts a crimp in our work because the repository has to be locked while
> the conversion occurs.
I am translating the Installation Manual to Dutch and I must say I'm not very 
happy with the way this move is being done.

- - The implementation has followed the announcement of intent by less than a 
day, so no time has been given to express views about the move (much less to 
consider the implications).
- - I am running Woody, and subversion IS NOT available for Woody. (Oh sure, 
there is something at backports.org and I'll try and get it from there, but 
that is not really the Debian way.)
- - I was just getting comfortable with cvs, and now I have to invest fairly 
valuable time in installing and learning a new tool. Where do I find the 
information for setting it up?
- - I was using Cervisia (from KDE) as a front-end for CVS - which made live a 
lot easier - and I am not sure Cervisia supports svn (I'm fairly certain it 
does not).

I am sure there are good reasons for the move, but again I'm not happy with 
the way it is being done.

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