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[l10n] Debian Installer translations status

(Reply set to debian-boot mailing list.....feel free to setup it
privately to me if you think it's more appropriate)

(Petter, norwegian i18n list put in copy as you requested)

First of all, my apologies to those of you who will get this both
privately and through the -boot mailing list.

However, as some of you aren't subscribed to the list, I prefer
increasing the chance to get in touch with Debian Installer
translators as much as possible.

We enter the final days of Debian Installer beta3 schedule. The
deadline fixed by Joey Hess was March 15th and, as far as I know, we
still respect this delay.

Partman is still under heavy work, for sure, and its translations are
still done against a moving target (will probably slow down now).

The tasksel SVN repository will soon be back online again, afaik, so
those of you who didn't yet work on tasksel translations will be able
to start.

On the other hand, all other parts of Debian Installer are really OK
for the translations final touch.

So, dear fellow translators, please make your possible for increasing
the translation ratio for your language. You roughly have two weekends
for this....but consider that finishing on Sunday evening if that's
possible is far better.

Don't forget to polish your translations and track down
inconsistencies shown by
http://people.debian.org/~barbier/d-i/l10n/rank.txt when you reach
100% (ask me for explanations on this topic if needed)

Of course, all of us have their own duties and a real life, so don't
feel pressured...everyone makes their possible, and that's fine...:-)

(uh oh, horrible english in this last sentence)


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