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Re: [l10n] Debian Installer translation status

> After the final hurry, we ended up with the following situation for Debian
> Installer localisation:

I hereby thank all people who participate in Debian Installer
translation work.

The work method improved significantly during the beta2->beta3 time

Now, nearly all language "coordinators" (this title is quite informal)
have CVS commit access, which speeds up the process significantly.

For d-i translators who still do NOT have such write access to
debian-installer, base-config, tasksel repositories, please ask me and
I'll do what's needed.

The current weaknesses I can identify in our l10n process:

-changelog updates : this is still a real pain. Nikolai scripts
 improved the work but some glitches remain:
 -in the scripts for detecting which translations were updated
 -adding an UNRELEASED entry is sometimes forgotten

-several translations "teams" are currently made of one single
 translator. This is an evident weakness and I encourage people to
 build their own team, including using a debian-l10n-xxxxx mailing list
-1st stage/2nd stage packages : Dennis Stampfer has working stuff for
 all this. This will improve soon
 - several 2nd stage packages do not use CVS, or use their own private
   CVS (or SVN). We should encourage maintainers to move to Alioth and give
   translators CVS (or SVN) write access

-identical strings in partman : something should be done for this as
 this is really annoying for translators. The worst are *nearly*
 identical strings.... 

-we were pressured by time so the string freeze was very short. Some
 teams got lost with that (italian, spanish...). This is likely to
 happen again for future release(s), so I encourage these teams to
 more closely follow strings changes. This sometimes means reworking
 the same strings....

-the boot/root floppies now cannot handle all translations. Joey went
 into this problem. We have to deal with this, probably by removing
 duplicated strings (each duplicated string seems to cost a few kb)

-we need ALL translators to follow debian-boot. I proposed a dedicated
 mailing list but several translators weren't enthusiast about it.
 So, PLEASE, at least use a [l10n] marker for l10n issues in debian-boot
-we still miss some important languages in the world (Hindi,
 Indonesian, Afrikaans or other ZA languages, African languages)

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