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Re: beta 3 update

Joey Hess wrote:
> Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> > mips (and AFAICSany other arch with multiple subarch specifications
> > for a package) needs a not-yet-written patch for the subarch check
> > in libdebian-installer and a new upload.
> Is this needed only with the new libd-i, or does the old libd-i in
> testing also need this to be fixed? In other words, could we not update
> libd-i in testing for mips?

Testing needs this, too.

> Hmm, yaboot-installer has such a subarch field and it seems to work
> according to Colin.

It fails for multiple subarchs, like arcboot-installer's
XB-Subarchitecture: r4k-ip22, r5k-ip22

> > It also needs new uploads for partitioner, base-installer and
> > arcboot-installer.
> I've uploaded the first two of these, someone else will have to handle
> arcboot-installer.


> > The mips mini-ISO is now bootable, it makes sense now to build
> > business and netboot CD images as well.
> Have you talked to Manty?

He's swamped with other work ATM, but we'll hopefully have CD images
before thursday.


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