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Re: [l10n: ru] Big update & Alioth

[Nikolai Prokoschenko]
> 1. I've just committed a big russian update for the first-stage packages.
>    I hope I won't miss the deadline with this ;)

No idea.  I suspect the deadline is this evening, as the packages need
to be uploaded before the archive update scripts are executed around
20:00 +0100. :)

> 2. What's up with Alioth? While it doesn't change SSH-keys every other day
>    anymore, it still erases my authorized_keys every once in a while, so
>    that I have to type my password many many times ;)

I experience this too.  My authorized_keys file seem to be removed
10-15 minutes over every hour.  I keep putting it in place, but have
to do it every hour. :(

>    The other problem: it seems not to have any mailing facilities
>    anymore, at least the loginfo-script for l10n-russian CVS can't
>    connect to localhost anymore and thus we don't get any
>    diff-mails. Any suggestions?

Hm, this explains the lack of commit emails.  Is it reported to the
alioth maintainers?

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