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[LOGO] Debian boot logo informal poll

Since we obviously need to pick a boot logo, I'm setting up an informal poll.
I don't have the power to say "whatever the poll says, we do", but I guess
most people will be quite OK with the results.

We'll follow Debian's ordinary voting procedures with regard to determining
a winner (ie. modified Condorcet voting), but I won't announce it on
debian-vote and I won't require GPG signed votes. (Please try to stay honest.
:-) )

Please send the following form back to sesse@debian.org; remember to keep
"[LOGO]" in the subject somehow. The alternative logos can be viewed at
http://sloth.voxel.net/~joshk/d-i-logos/ -- rank as many or as few as you
like, with 1 being the most preferred choice, 2 being the second most, etc..
You may rank entries equally or not at all; non-ranked entries will be
treated as equally ranked and ranked below all other entries. If you do not
want a boot logo at all, rank "No logo"; if you do not find an entry
acceptable at all, rank "Further discussion" above it. (Blah blah blah, I'm
sure most of you know this already ;-) )

Anyhow, the vote form:

[ ] Mark Riedesel (Klowner)
[ ] Matthew A. Nicholson
[ ] Volkan YAZICI
[ ] Alessandro Polverini and Andrea Mottola (first logo)
[ ] Alessandro Polverini and Andrea Mottola (second logo)
[ ] Mark Selby
[ ] No boot logo
[ ] Further discussion

The vote ends on or about March 24th 23:59 CEST, that is, about a week from
now. I'll post the results shortly thereafter.

/* Steinar */
Homepage: http://www.sesse.net/

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