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Re: Bug#599446: ITP: libapache2-mod-rivet -- Server-side Tcl programming system combining ease of use and power Bug in frozen package - aim at backports/volatile? Fwd: Build-Depends-Indep dependencies creating a manpage from a GFDL text "Debexpo" and how you can help Debian NYC Workshop: What's in a Package? deploying package with NFS Four days GNOME packaging: Talk to the team Good Morning! gpgv: Can't check signature: public key not found hello List of tutors [was: Re: RFS: peg-solitaire (Player and Solver)] Mentor for My application. Monitoring the "four days" promise On format upgrade during freeze time Open RFS lacking (further) response Packaging free software with non-free data files packaging qt apps for debian Re: [Pkg-mozext-maintainers] RF[CS]: ubiquity (mozilla extension) in Debian Proposal: a simple package peer-review using the BTS. Request for voluntary package reviews Rescue Plan for apt-listbugs Review of gnome-gmail Re: RF[CS]: ubiquity (mozilla extension) in Debian RFS: 9menu (updated package) RFS: abiword (updated package) Re: RFS: ase - Allegro Sprite Editor RFS: balazarbrothers (updated package) RFS: bareftp (NMU, RC bugfix) RFS: btag -- interactive command-line based multimedia tag editor RFS: c2html (updated package) [Highlight C sources for WWW presentation] RFS: calcoo (updated package) RFS: ceph Re: RFS: cppcheck, new upstream version 1.45 RFS: crystalhd Re: RFS: dbmail (updated package) Re: RFS: dbmail (updated package needs new sponsor) RFS: disco RFS: downloadstatusbar (updated package) Re: RFS: emerald RFS: equinox-themes RFS: equinox-themes-extra RFS: faxfrontend RFS: fdclone (updated package) RFS: fritzing RFS: galinette RFS: gdisk (updated package) RFS: glpeces (Update version 4.0-1 in sid & testing.Closes 2 pendings bugs) RFS: gtk2-engines-equinox RFS: jsl - JavaScript program checker RFS: libapache2-mod-rivet, libapache2-mod-rivet-doc RFS: liboauth (Fixed all errors pointed out by others) Re: RFS: liboauth [UPLOADED] RFS: lightspeed (updated package) Re: RFS - mapcatcher RFS: matrixssl RFS: mediadownloader Re: RFS: midish update RFS: minidlna RFS: mn-fit (updated package) RFS: morse (New upstream release) RFS: nanoblogger-extra (updated package) RFS: nanoblogger (updated package) RFS: nesc RFS: netsniff-ng (updated package) RFS: (NMU) testrepository RFS: ovito RFS: packagekit (ping2) RFS: peg-solitaire (Player and Solver) RFS: pgfouine (updated package) RFS: pipemeter RFS: pyenchant (updated package) RFS: qfaxreader RFS: ripit, a textbased audio CD ripper (updated package) 2nd attempt RFS: roxterm (updated package) RFS: roxterm (updated package) [highly configurable terminal emulator] RFS: sciteproj RFS: seeks RFS: subversion (updated package) [lenny-backports, 1.6.12dfsg-2~bpo50+1] RFS: transgui RFS: ttf-isabella (updated package) RFS: ttf-staypuft (updated package) RFS: twatch RFS: twofish (updated package) RFS: visolate RFS: wav2cdr (updated package) RFS: webfs (updated package) Re: RFS: xburst-tools RFS: xfe (updated package with some fixes) (2nd try) RFS: xsol (updated package) [A solitaire game for the X Windows system] Re: RFS: xsol (updated package) [A solitaire game for the X Windows system] roxterm resizing bug serious enough for freeze exception? Seeking advice on automounter-like daemon starting at boot Separate verbs, separate hats: mentor and sponsor (was: Four days) shlibs and lintian suscribe Time of a package to be processed by FTP-masters Trying to package Meganizer Uploading during freeze time The last update was on 20:00 GMT Sun Oct 31. There are 518 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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