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Packaging free software with non-free data files

Hi list

I have a small question: I would like to package a piece of software
that, when first launched, downloads additional non-free data files
which are needed to run. I am now wondering whether a) I should just
leave it at that, possibly adding a note to the package, or b) ask the
upstream author for permissions to include it in Debian (the data
files would have to go in non-free, since the download page states
"You can not sell this data or use it in any form of a commercial

Also, If I read the policy correctly, adding a non-free data package
would mean the the actual software would have to go in contrib. If we
kept the normal download mechanism, could the package then stay in

I guess keeping the current upstream mechanism would be the easier
solution. However, if we include the data files in non-free that would
allow people to install and use the software even if the upstream
website is down (or if they're behind a proxy - I'm not sure whether
the download mechanism would work there).

Any opinions?

Stefan Ott

"You are not Grey Squirrel?"

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