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Re: RFS: balazarbrothers (updated package)

A review...

In exchange for this review, I would be very appreciative if you could
review one of the recent RFS from this list and reply in the thread
for it. This is entirely optional of course.

You might want to consider joining the Debian Games Team, maintain
balazarbrothers there and help us out with other games:


At this stage of the release process, you should upload new versions
to experimental not unstable, unless they contain RC fixes.

No need to close #581302 in the changelog since it is already archived.

Please send the FreeDesktop menu file, patches and manual page
upstream if you haven't already.

You might want to consider switching from cdbs to dh from debhelper 7.

The resolution_video.diff patch leads me to believe that the game is
hard-coding a list of resolutions in the code. This is a bad idea.
Instead it should detect which resolutions are available on the
current system. For example my phone is 480x640 (vertical not
horizontal). It doesn't support OpenGL yet, but the game should at
least be able to adapt to arbitrary resolutions. Please discuss this
with upstream and or send them a patch.

Two warnings on the .desktop file. It also contains an unnecessary blank line.

$ desktop-file-validate debian/balazarbrothers.desktop
debian/balazarbrothers.desktop: warning: value
"Application;Game;AdventureGame;ArcadeGame;RolePlaying;" for key
"Categories" in group "Desktop Entry" contains a deprecated value
debian/balazarbrothers.desktop: warning: boolean key "Terminal" in
group "Desktop Entry" has value "0", which is deprecated: boolean
values should be "false" or "true"

You depend on debhelper >7 but debian/compat is 5.

You don't need quilt in build-depends with dpkg-source v3.

You use a very different name in debian/control Maintainers than in
your email, what is that about?

debian/control.in says the package is orphaned, something you forgot to update?

Your debian/menu file could use a longtitle like the Comment in the
.desktop file.

Please use DEP-3 compliant headers in the patches.


You might want to check if the two Ubuntu bugs apply to Debian. If
they do and a new version closes them, you can put (LP: #1234) in the
changelog and then they will be closed once the package is synced to


balazarbrothers is available in FreeBSD (see the output of `whohas
balazarbrothers`). You might want to check if they have any useful
patches or build system things and send them upstream if appropriate.


packaging warnings:

debian/rules:14: Use of DEB_PYTHON_MODULE_PACKAGE is deprecated,
pyversions: missing X(S)-Python-Version in control file, fall back to
dh_clean: dh_clean -k is deprecated; use dh_prep instead

lintian complaints:

I: balazarbrothers source: quilt-patch-missing-description resolution_video.diff
P: balazarbrothers: no-upstream-changelog



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