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Re: Request for voluntary package reviews

On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 12:03:27AM +0200, chrysn wrote:
> concerning the midish package:
> i've had a look at the midish package mentioned in [1]. it seems to be
> packaged in a reasonable way.
> the only potential issue i've spottet is that Willem van Engen,
> co-author of mdep_alsa.c, is mentioned in the file's copyright section,
> but not in debian/copyright;

Oops. Now Willem in the debian/copyright file

> also, Samuel Mimram did the earlier
> packaging, he might deserve being mentioned in debian/copyright as well,
> unless 0.3.0-1 was a complete re-packaging, in which case that should be
> stated in the changelog.

Yes, 1.0.4-1 is a complete repackaging because many things changed
(the upstream build process, standards, alsa support, ...). I added
the corresponding line in the changelog

> (on the minor end of the severity scale, one might suggest to upstream
> to keep source code, man pages and examples in appropriate
> sub-directories, but that's probably just a matter of style.)
> i couldn't test the functionality itself for lack of midi hardware, but
> at least that's reflected by appropriate warnings by midish.

I was mostly concerned by any packaging mistakes, but testing the code
itself never hurts :-)

Thanks for your comments, the new package is on the usual place:



-- Alexandre

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