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Re: RFS: dbmail (updated package)

Hi Paul,

> Just a brief reminder that I havent heard back from anyone.

You might have noticed the thread started by Asheesh (with [1] being my reply).
Your RFS email is prime example of those messages usually failing to pass my
"filter". So what's wrong this RFS email:

- The package name "dbmail" isn't all too specific. Once I looked at the package
  page I noticed that I would indeed be interested in using such a software, but
  that I wouldn't have guessed from the package name alone. Well, in this case I
  must add that the short description "base package for the dbmail email
  solution" is not that useful either (saying that dbmail is dbmail...).
- This "(updated package)" mainly tells me "can be ignored, they already had a
  sponsor earlier on".

> This package has received sponsorship from various people in the past,
> who have indicated lack of interest in continued sponsorship, or have
> stopped replying to requests. Some of this may be because of the long
> intervals between package updates, which is wholly my fault since I'm
> the upstream maintainer as well.
> Still, I'd really like to have updated packages uploaded.


I can't say that I'll take a look at it rightaway, but I'll take care of it in
the next days. Meanwhile please contact the debian-l10n-english list to ask for
a review of your package descriptions (and please improve the short descriptions
- I guess this is email *server* software, but this isn't clear), add a Homepage
field to your package (doesn't seem to be there, at least there is no link on
packages.debian.org/sid/dbmail), make sure it is lintian clean, etc. Although
reply-to is set to the list, feel free to contact me in personal mail.


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