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Re: Four days

On Tue, 5 Oct 2010, Michael Tautschnig wrote:


I think a possibly good solution would be to set up a
mentors.debian.net bug page (similar to other debian resources such as
[0]).  That would make it much clearer which mentoring tasks are still
open.  It would also make it possible categorize new submissions, which
would help potential mentors focus on their areas of interest.

What about something similar to the wnpp weekly newsletter? Now this would
either need to be done using some information from mentors.d.n or, and maybe
preferrably, by checking the list archives. And no, unfortunatly I'm not going
to implement any of this, but maybe someone else likes this idea as well and
finds the time...

Your idea hinges on getting mailing list archives automatically. I have a similar idea that I know I'm not going to get to any time in the next few months. But it's a pretty simple script.

It would be really cool to have a web page that listed the subject lines of threads on debian-mentors that have gotten no response. Different colors indicate different ages:

* Black: The message is between 0 and 2 days old
* Yellow: The message is between 2 and 4 days old
* Red: The message is older than 4 days
* Green: The message has already gotten a reply

If you want to write up a script (I would use Python), I can imagine how you'd go about doing it... except I don't know how you can download MBOX archives of Debian lists. (I actually struggled with this in the summer of 2006, now that I think about it.)

Does anyone know where an mbox archive of the debian-mentors list can be found? If so I can provide further tips to someone who wants to help us visualize the "Four days" goal. (-:

I don't have time to write it myself, but if there's an easy way to make the mbox list archives available to people, I would happily mentor someone who wanted to write such a thing. We could publish the resulting HTML page on my people.debian.org/~paulproteus/ site.

-- Asheesh.

You are always busy.

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